I want to cruise for forever

Ok, maybe not every single day forever but every so often that I actually missed being at home. Makes sense? Totally!

Our second cruise (the first was right after we came back from Copenhagen) of the year was two days after we came back from Melbourne. Wonderful! What’s more, we were given another thousand dollars worth of vouchers to shop. We are keeping it till next Friday’s cruise to combine with the other thousand dollar. The first time I came back with two DKNY watches, which means, I will have to start wearing a watch again. I’ve gone timeless for a long time and now that I have two, I’m regaining double of the lost time.

Again, I know I’m only making sense to myself. I don’t know how I get so much random thoughts so often. It doesn’t matter anyway. I spent my Sunday afternoon with aunties I’ve not seen for a while. I’m surprised I enjoyed watching them talk about random stuff. One of them puts my randomness to shame into another planet.

Then, I was asked the million dollar question (I’ve evaded by skipping Chinese New Year and encountered only once during my cousin’s wedding) and that is, ‘When are you going to have a baby?’ I know, I’m not young anymore, whether by medical standards or modern days’ women lifestyle standards. What can I say? I don’t know how to do self-fertilization! And I want what Lahn gives to Circe. I want to continue to be timeless without a care in the world that someone adorable and tiny needs my dedication. I want to continue to pack up my luggage in my skilful disorganized manner and travel the world in extravaganza luxuriousness more than I’ve ever been. I also need my company to grow stronger and more established and roll in more money before I can take off to relax, catch up on sleep then my books, so that I can be in a healthy state of mind and body to be involved with another being. The idea is tempting, I must say. It has always been until I pushed it away and replaced them with different versions of Lahn. So I have no answers to that question and just listen to the reasons why I should have one baby, at least. I know, my sentiments exactly. But execution is nowhere near my planets now.

God, are you listening? Happier, healthier, wealthier, luckier, and prettier, remember?

Thank you!!!


Twenty one

No, that number isn’t my age. That was a long time ago. This is the number of books on my reading shelf. Hmm… no chance to shop for books for a long time. Note to self: Must pick up reading speed and really concentrate on reading.

So anyway, I stopped reading the third and final book of a series and picked up reading Lahn again. It’s my fourth time reading the book. What’s wrong with me? Nothing. It’s the Lahn who is too irresistible. I will give up my world for you too!

The Great Ocean Road in Melbourne

We drove around in Gold Coast and visited a lot of places that we wouldn’t otherwise have visited without a car. We went to the Zircus show and the Australian Outback dinner show. It was a lot of fun. Therefore we decided to also drive around in Melbourne and boy, I wanna camp like others did along the Great Ocean Road. There was so much peace around the area that I felt like I was immersed in one of my story books’ farmland. I know, that road is mostly about the ocean but since my imagination competes competitively with horses, I was thinking and feeling things beyond what the ocean made me think and feel.

The idea of travelling in a caravan or with a trailer just about anywhere with great vast grasslands and rolling hills is getting more and more to me. I wanna feel the sand between my toes when I wake up, smell the ocean in the air and in my sea salt tangled hair, gaze the stars while lying in the arms of my lover cum partner in crime (life’s sinful crimes) and know deep in my core that I’m enjoying life to its fullest and not missing out the cutesy bits in any way. Life has a way of unwrapping its charming sheets to lure me in in the way I’ve not known before.

Then as if the stars are aligning and throwing me signs, I came upon an article about a couple who travelled for thirteen years in their vintage car across forty countries and made four beautiful, smart kids along the way. While I was wrapping myself around stuff on top of those stuff already in my head, I wrapped my head around even more ideas of moving to a different country – one that actually has real mountains, hills, rivers, ocean, beaches, and fresh air. Needless to say, I was in my head a lot. Which is a good thing. Never a dull moment with nothing to think about.

I’d never know if I can be adventurous until I am adventurous. Onward we go!

Skydive in Gold Coast

I did it! Awesome! Amazing! Freaking cool! And I have a DVD to prove 😀 My family has already watched it a thousand times. Even I’m impressed with myself.

I dove out of a doorless plane into the white fluffy magical clouds. I wasn’t nervous. I didn’t scream. I didn’t cry. I freaking grinned and the strong wind pressure made my maple syrup pancake face wavily cute, if I can say so myself. We laughed so much at the video, so it was definitely something.

The experience was nothing and nothing like I’ve imagined (it wasn’t like a roller-coaster ride, although I wasn’t thinking it was like a roller-coaster ride as well), for it was nothing. Simply nothing. I mean seriously, I felt nothing. I was trying to not think about anything but reminding myself that it is going to be another fun experience. So I wasn’t giving it much head space until I was up in the sky. For a couple of seconds, my mind wandered off and that was it. The breath-taking view and the incredible fact that I was seated right beside a supposedly door on a plane without a door reined me right back to the moment. I was in heavens.

The next moment, my uber summery instructor nudged me with his um… very hard-muscled body and I fell in love… with free-fall. Despite not catching the taste of clouds in their vanilla candy-floss form in my mouth, I was thoroughly in that moment. It was free. Freedom and nothing else. Nothing else compares. On the last day in my thirtieth body, I let loose and threw myself out in the big blue sky to welcome the beginning of my marvellous reborn life. There while I was falling, I was thinking, can I do it again? Do people who are not working as skydiving instructors do this again and again? Why not? I answered myself. And then I thought, OMG! I totally wanna do this again! 

Places to visit soon

In no particular order, I’m inspired again to visit these places and paint my own colors

  1. Soak in the steamy waters of the Blue Lagoon, outside of Reykjavík, Iceland
  2. See the reflection of the spectacular Rocky Mountains in Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Canada
  3. Get lost in the maze of gardens at the Palace of Versailles
  4. Gaze at the Aurora Borealis
  5. Swim with the stingrays in the Maldives
  6. Inhale the sweet aroma of the lavender fields of Provence.
  7. Take in New York City from the Top of the Rock observation deck at Rockefeller Center
  8. Walk around the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik

Happy fireworks forever!

I was in the country where they put up huge signs everywhere that says they are the happiest people in the world. I was happiness sodden and infused. I’d sing their praises for the rest of my life if that’s what it takes to attain their level of happiness for eternity. So who cares what they say about air pollution? Ha. Forget whatever thing that whoever have said. It was New Year’s Eve afterall and it was more than a good enough reason to go for overkill.

I was lucky enough to book a hotel room right across the Tivoli Gardens where the view was fantastic and there was a wide bay window (with radiators below it!) where I was able to lie down completely and watch the city sky get painted in a kaleidoscope of colors and designs. I didn’t know I could witness more than thirty fireworks light up the sky all at the same time AND continuously for six hours non-stop from the hotel room. Imagine the view. You can’t. You have to be there to see it! Also, did I mention the hotel room’s windows can be opened? Oh my god, they opened! I was nicely wrapped up like a shrimp wanton submerged in perfect warm soup and the constant winter wind from all the opened windows was no doubt a happy concoction.

But who would waste a holiday sitting around for six hours doing nothing? Not me. I was out also out soaking up the atmosphere and snatching up all the impossibly dainty souvenirs after I was inspired by a famous (not just because Tripadvisor says so) restaurant’s decor in Russia. At least the Russians gave me something good. I am also not one who can resist a sixty percent discount on all items in a store. So of course, I now owned sixty Santa Clauses, eighty reindeers, a hundred nutcrackers, and two hundred or so ornaments. Oh, I love the rest of the stuff that I bought as well like the Viking King and Hans Christian Anderson figurines and a twelve Aesop’s Fables book and the mermaid crystal ball and the musical ball (not box) and the tin lanterns and the moose soft toys and the Swedish tiered lights too! I think I’ve broken my vow not to buy souvenirs already. Suddenly I want to fill my house with little knick knacks and build its character.

Suddenly I feel inspired by the Aesop’s Fables that I can’t totally agree on. It’s weird but it’s true. It totally lends a new eye to see things. Perhaps, this is a year of new beginnings and great beginnings. One moment, I was out in the street with thousands of people counting down to the New Year and the next I was celebrating with millions of people through CNN live. I was practically doing everything that shouts happy and fun. Everything seems possible. I guess it’s a sign for a busy and happy year!

Happy Great Beginnings!

What happened to 2013 New Year Resolutions?

Let’s see. Or rather, let’s mock and laugh!

At least I’ve accomplished creating positive sounds in this world. Hahaha…

Out of the seven things I’ve set out to do this year, I’ve managed to do better in two of them.

I’d like to think that I’ve remained the same weight which means I didn’t lose any weight, and hence resolution number one is a failure. This failure is likely brought upon by the failure of resolution number two, which is to exercise twice a week. I recovered from my fever and cold and is on the recovering journey of my sprained ankle but I’ve not picked up on my determination to hit the pavement. That I think is due to failure in resolution number three. It is bad. Like way bad. I’ve read a hundred books, my wardrobe screams sardines in agony, my passport collected more stamps, and therefore online shopping is an enemy of my bank. Which in turn, look, panda is now zombiefied. If there is even this term. I now dislike the mirror as much as I dislike the walking dead on HBO.

Now, here’s a turnaround. I actually spent time laughing and crying and whiling away on good books. Solid hours clocked in there. But I wouldn’t dare say I’ve reduced the butterflies. I think it is a never ending game for me. Talking about game, part of my game plan is to continuously travel more. I’ve set out to travel in February, March, June, August, October and December and guess what, I did it in February, March, May, October, November, and December… on aeroplanes! Not just cruises, but also on aeroplanes. Repeat after my a-e-r-o-p-l-a-n-e-s. They are my new best friends.

So there, my epic 2013 resolutions’ end.

Ungraded lesson – will I pass or passed?

Once upon a time, I almost missed a flight. I wasn’t late, it was the ridiculous long queue at the airport that was the cause. But that’s beside my point. My point is, there is once upon a time and then there is this thing called time. Time is almighty. Time fades memories. And when memories are faded, things that were once in the head got out of it. Now enter a new notion – a supposedly seasoned traveller never let things get out of hand. Right? Wrong. See, as a relatively seasoned traveller, I’ve been upgraded to a higher membership status of the hotel chain that I usually stay at. With that comes the perks such as the late check-out thing. It wouldn’t be so bad if one really needed it. But since I only needed it to laze around in bed for another twenty minutes or so, it was sort of self-destruction.

The price of twenty minutes. And I can’t blame the traffic since coming from the airport, I already knew how it is. I can’t blame the cab driver either as who can be as villainous as the Parisian cab driver who deliberately drove us to the train station at forty kilometres per hour speed when the road was almost empty. So I blame it on myself. Oh, the agony of bearing the consequences of one’s decision and action.

The yaya aftermath of stepping out of the hotel room twenty minutes later than required is two thousand dollars additional expense on air tickets to Poland – a country that I’ve not thought of visiting but so called visited since I needed to transit in Warsaw, which is normally a cool word or in this case not so, because I’m not playing monopoly money or being funny. So thanks for the flippant attitude from the custom experience, I won’t be planning a trip to Poland any more. Apparently all the custom officers like to do the I-like-to-death-stare-at-you-and-I-like-to-throw-your-passport-on-table thing. Not a fun thing to witness after you watched enough documentary of the misadventures.

Anyway, I’m thinking maybe the human head should be manhandled like a kitty when it is being disobedient or naughty. It needs a gently mean smack so that it will always know its place. I mean myself of course. For I’ve thought I was punctilious but am not. I wonder if I’d really learn my lesson.


Shopping in Finland

Who does that kind of thing when on a holiday? Eh, apparently everyone. Because all the big malls and tiny shops were swarmed with people. Tourists or not, everyone needed that extra set of winter clothing. Not just because it was cold but because everyone is soooo into fashion here. Especially the men. The men’s department was at least twice as crowded compared to the ladies’ department and the ladies’ department was already drowning the shorties like me, so that was saying something. I tell ya, men… they shopped like they were gonna be married to the most beautiful princess on earth and they had nothing on but a pair of speedos. I watched as they tried on black wool coats after black wool coats after more black wool coats and brown jackets after brown jackets after more brown jackets and we all know it is the same difference. So of course I gawked at the different shades of blondes and blue eyes changing clothes right in front of me. At such close proximity! It was another level in heaven.

Since I was in such a heavenly-induced state of happiness, I started dreaming monopoly money again and snapped up every cute pieces of winter wear. And guess what? Packing and repacking the luggage in the hotel room has never been so fun.

I’ve crossed the Arctic Circle

Woohoo! Why the great joy? Because I didn’t plan for it! I mean I did planned my holidays but I didn’t realize that I was about to cross the Arctic Circle until I’ve crossed it. Oh my god! The piles of tshirts screamed freaking Arctic Circle at the souvenir store at the Santa Claus Village. My life so far tuck away on the equator was immediately forgotten and I shot right through heaven and landed in Arctic, the faraway land of almost heaven. I’m not making any sense, I know.

Now, to make impact, Wikipedia (not that my distinction in geography is a phony) says Arctic is a POLAR region located at the MOST NORTHERN part of earth and it consists of Arctic OCEAN and parts of Canada, Russia, ALASKA, Denmark (Greenland), Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland and it is PERMAFROST. How cool is that? I was in a faraway land filled with nothing but white fluffy snow. Thick blankets of white fluffy snow everywhere! On roof tops, on tree branches, on benches, on cars, on igloos (which made no differences of course), on sleighs, on doorsteps… All the sharp protruding rocks and sticks and broken branches become rounded and smooth. The world suddenly seems soft and gentle like a huge room full of magical pillows. All of the old and broken things disappeared beneath the pure white mantle. Even I was ennobled and beautified standing in the middle of these.

The Santa Claus Village apartment was really nice. It was like we owned  a little hut with a patio that has a cute outdoor table and chairs and kick-sleigh and shovel. So of course I had to shovel the snow. And I get why people who live heavy snowing places wouldn’t marvel at snow like I do because clearing snow is pure hard work after a while (a very short while). The piles of snow didn’t look like I’ve moved them much. After I woke up in the morning, I was both stoked and bummed that fresh fluffy snow covered everything again. It made perfect photographs but it sucked because the freezing temperatures and snow made me wanna give up the hundred metres walk to my breakfast and I don’t give up on hotel breakfast, ever. So I didn’t give up walking to my breakfast of course but instead cursed and swear and prayed hard that I won’t fall or sprain my ankle while struggling in the thick knee high snow. And since I don’t live in such places most of the time, I let my jaws dropped when I see snow (therefore  I looked ridiculous almost all the time) and I also plastered a stupid grin on my face wherever I go (so I assumed I look ridiculous but cute) in Arctic region. How I managed that look without forming an ice cube in my mouth and my facial muscles frozen in place I wouldn’t know. I figured it was probably Arctic magic.

So magical I started frolicking in the icy Arctic ocean and didn’t feel cold. Okay, I was on the ice-breaking cruise and had the special lobster suit on and it was an amazing experience. I’ve never thought I would do something like that all these years when I yearn on travelling and experiencing the world. It was a last minute add-on thing to do since I was going there and it was only there and no where else. Anyway, luckily for us, we were back safely seeing another ice-breaking cruise was stuck in the ocean for a few days and they departed a few days from the day we cruised. I’d so regret not having a second helping to the salmon and potatoes soup I was offered. Where did they sleep? What if somebody needed medical emergency? Hmm, god bless the world please! Let’s just live in a happy fairytale 🙂

Throughout the few days stay, I experienced a lot of amazing things. Like seeing real polar bears fight and kiss and throw snow balls at each other and white weasel-I-wanna-buy-you-if-you-are-being-sold-in-the-pet-shop playing cat and mice with a bird and many snow owls executing the best hundred and eight degrees head turn camouflage move and snow mountain flying fox non-flying but sleeping in the snow on a mountain.

I went on reindeer ride which was meh, the snow mobile was cooler than cool but the husky ride was the shit. It was way freaking awesome. I was the passenger (because of a sprained ankle and poor choice of shoes but mostly being a coward and lazy bum) throughout the two hour ride and suffered a little sore ass and ate flakes of snow that got kicked into my mouth by the huskies in front of me. I have to say, those huskies were so intelligent! Not because they kicked snow into my mouth or they actually choose different types of snow to run on. I mean they’ve got personality and all and were trying to piss the driver off by staring back when we tried to brake. At one point, the guide in front of us went so fast and disappeared from our sight but our huskies knew exactly where to go and which corner to turn. I was very impressed. I also had a ball watching the middle (meaning young, inexperienced and playful) two huskies messed around while running and tangled themselves with the ropes. And the two huskies at the back were so well-built and strong, oh my god, if they could transform themselves into human form, they would be like the strongest macho men ever! Naturally since I was lusting after them (now enter the image of werewolves as well), my drool formed a super icicle that acted as a brake and slowed down the sledge so all the huskies glared at me like I was crazy not to succumb to their powerful legs and speed. With that kind of sexy piercing look I melted into a puddle of blush pink syrupy pancakes and I swore those men huskies shook their heads at me like real badass. I can re-melt again if it was even possible.

It is the most wonderful white Christmas I’ve ever had and I don’t even mind that I missed Santa Claus knocking on my door for the private visit.


The people from the land I’m from like to think of Sweden as Ikea, or rather, is everyone just thinking of meatballs, condensed milk chocolatey cake and happy home furnitures? Whatever. I was there finally! The wind was strong and chilly and it makes me think that someone better have sticky hands on their money otherwise they better not take them out when they are crossing the bridge where the river is wide and the wind is strong. Have I mentioned the wind was strong? I did. And I’ll try to remember it the next time I work up a sweat. Which is… rare, so, thanks anyway for the experience. I witnessed the flying paper and omg-it’s-gone scene a thousand times in a span of forty-eight hours. Which isn’t a lot I’m sure.

I’m glad I visited. Until next time 🙂

Let me hang around and show you what I’m worth.

Recently, I’ve noticed some of the blogs saying the same thing, “Where did time go?” And I almost forgot this time thingy for a while (actually not long) and I’m thinking the same now. Yes, where did time go?

Nowhere. Perhaps. Time has always been here. It is constant and it is almost forever and nobody can prove that it will ever go away. It doesn’t. It won’t go away nor will it stay for anyone. No one.

I am catching but I catch no time.

I am chasing but I chase no time.

I am moving but I move no time.

Time, I wanna wave to you and say “Hey! Hello, how are you? Will you be my friend?” and if you do, can I never say “Goodbye”?


My company retreat at Kota Kinabalu

We decided on this place because… well, nobody has been there and it is not a place we will normally pay to go to and since it is a company retreat where although we try to live in peace and build amiable relationships outside of work, we are not bffs and so we might as well travel to a place that is not on top of our list and get it out of the way (meaning: we are also trying to get some things out of the way) and like some might say negative plus negative equals positive and so we were there.

But since this is my company and I’m paying, therefore I have expectations of the trip. I can’t say I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out for but I’m glad it didn’t turn out to be as bad as I’ve imagined it to be. Suddenly I realized I’m so good at games that I thought I suck big time at in the past. And suddenly I realized that my personality is widely and readily accepted because after all these years people are gossiping and bad-mouthing everyone’s else around me. Omg, I’ve achieved the art of blending into the common human race and I’ve only just realized it all.

The seed that we don’t intend to sow actually grows! Amazing.

Now the question is – do I let the rest of the game unfold or do I get down right and dirty to see to the rest of the game?

My kind of drifting

In case I were to forget (assuming I’d refer back to this space here), my week nights’ dinner nowadays were leisurely spent at Starz buffets, Palio Italian, Hard Rock, Osia,  Joel’s, Billy Bomber, Marriott’s, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Carlton, Marina Bay Sands, and Bah Ku Teh.

There is absolutely no agenda for the evening except to fill the growling stomach with delicious food.

Sometimes, even the drive around town is aimless. Just filtering in and out of traffic and going wherever the traffic seems to flow or not flow.

There were the weekends where I just read my books all day long and have absolutely no expectations for anything. And anything goes.

I know most lives don’t remain the same forever. I’m worried for when that day comes and stays and I no longer have this kind of peaceful drifting. At the same time, I don’t want to remain to the same old routine for forever.

Breaking from the heavy thoughts, hmmm, I’m thinking of getting a golden retriever. Yes, a real dog that chews and bites and cuts into my budget (if my kind of spending habits is still considered as one) and pees and poos and barks and demands my time and energy and probably makes me frustrated more than delighted. What!? I can’t believe myself for being so convinced on this.

Believe it, people. The power of story books is undeniable and unstoppable! Ok, perhaps my drifting isn’t that peaceful after all.

I love you so

I never knew I have so much love to spread around.

But I do.

Ever since I’ve discovered the magic of ebooks, my life has been filled so full of mellow contentment. Everyday, I wake up knowing I have something to look forward to, and throughout the day I know I have something I can do, and I refuse to fall asleep too soon every night because I know I still have so many things to do. I love my books. I love Kobo. I love the authors who wrote all the badasses and to-die-for-sweet-sweet-love. I love words that paint pictures and beat movies hands down. I love that I feel and I laugh and I cry.

Put it simply. I have love and I love strongly.

Why didn’t I discover good story books when I was younger? My language skills would be Superman dashing and Iron man flashy and strong. But I’d be showy and speaking with bombastic words only. So moving on! I’m now a humble lady who reads for leisure. How lovely.

Speaking of loveliness, Kobo was giving unlimited thirty percent discount the other day. And I spent half a day reviewing the books and buying said books because I can’t possibly buy all the books even though they were discounted right? Right. But it was also wrong because I immediately regretted when the discount promotion was over and I didn’t snap up all the books that I wanted. So when they finally announced the unlimited fifty percent discount a couple of weeks later, I made sure I loaded my book shelf with enough books to last for months (my target is a hundred books read in a year).

This may be my latest crazy splurge and I don’t care.

This may be wreaking havoc in my biological clock and I don’t care.

This may be eating my time away and I don’t care.

This is my life and the only way I know how to live for now and that’s the only thing I care, for now.

Bangkok – A plot that ran for years

Papa and Mummy have not been moved the slightest from their firm convictions of dinosaur years that Bangkok is not the place for them to travel to. Why? Well, you know… stuff. But Bangkok is a great place (except when they ruined their own economy with riots). The song even said so itself. And it is the song from their era. Duh. But. Hehe. Since I’ve pushed Papa and Mummy to travel to Japan, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Korea in the last couple of years… they’ve kind of ran out of neighbouring countries to visit. There – my plot. It didn’t matter that it took me years to execution. And I can’t be more proud of myself.

Finally! I’ve convinced Papa and Mummy to go to Bangkok with me. Since the first time I stepped foot in Bangkok and thereafter every few years when I visited again, I raved about the place because I love it so much.What’s not to like about Tom Yum Goong? And Phad Thai? And dirt cheap dresses?

So we did the deeds – Wake up. Swim. Eat buffet. Shop. Eat. Massage. Eat. Sleep. – repeat cycle.

My addictions (both travel and plots) are running deep.

About time

I’ve watched this show about a guy who can go back to time and change the things he do and go back to the future and live it out happily the way he wanted it. Unlimited number of times. To live out the happy times again and again and again. To remove the bad times simply with a blink of an eye.

It’d be nice to have such power. But I might not be contented to have the only one to have such power. Or perhaps fearful if others might have such power. And I might live for forever. Or others might make me live for forever.

If I live for forever, will I ever be able to live out the story that I want?

Fallen in love… all over again

I know I’ve fallen in love a long long time ago. I’ve never thought I’d fall in love all over again.

The peanut butter milkshake at Billy Bomber’s has outdone itself. How am I supposed to find new love? I’ve fallen in love with peanut butter a long long time ago and I just keep falling and falling and falling and never want to get out. It is so sticky.

Sticky, sweet love.

On a random Monday night after work at the old cinema theatre sucking face with my lover. All over again. And again. And again.


Bean bag love

I couldn’t believe the hero did just that. It was insane. It wasn’t right. Romance badass hero always got it and they didn’t settle for less.

I groaned my frustrations but it came out sounding more like a moan as Alex had just settled himself behind me, wrapping me safely in his powerful, thickly veined arms, hard chest muscles under his soft skin brushing against my bare back halter dress. He was also nuzzling against my neck, planting light kisses under my earlobe, giving me nothing but all of his attention.

Then Alex spoke, “Baby, I get that you think I’m attractive and you’re very into me but I barely sat down for a minute and touched your neck with my mouth.” I blinked my eyes slowly to open, lifting my head from his shoulders and twisted slightly to the side to look at Alex. I loved this man. No. Scratched that. I loved this man but I especially loved it when he lowered his head to look at me with that pair of darkening eyes, the deep lines at the corner of his eyes when he grinned at me like that, making his strong jaws and cheekbones so yummy and delicious like the rest of his body and the rest of his body was more than yummy and delicious. I reeled in while Alex didn’t hesitate but continued, “I like that when I give it to you, you take it from me, you give back and you give me all back for me to take but you let go so fast and go moaning like that you are cutting me short of my fun. The fun that I enjoy, baby, I enjoy a lot, and just so you know, I like to take my time and I enjoy enjoying you slowly a lot.” Alex was now trying hard to suppress his chuckle and not burst out laughing.

I immediately shot upright from my position and stared at him with my jaws dropped. Then, I threw my hands in a princess fit and exclaimed, “I did not!”

“Baby, you did.” Alex replied.

“I did not!” I shouted a little louder.

“Baby, you did.” Alex repeated, a naughty twinkle in his eyes.

I gave up, and shoved him in the shoulders. With that, Alex threw his head back and burst out laughing. When he did that, I lost a moment to his neck and the hard lines on his shoulders and forgot whatever that I wanted to say. I wanted to run my tongue along the taut muscles valleys to taste him but that would result in me really moaning again. When he caught my lusty looks, his arms tightened around me, crushed my back to his front even more and my body went shaking along with his.

I was now pouting and looking at him not knowing what else to say since it felt nice with his warm, hard body behind me. A few moments passed and Alex spoke again, “Babe, everyone heard you. You moaned and you did it loudly, here, in this room.” He waved his finger around in the air.

I flustered and took a quick glance around the room in the directions of my friends, some nodding, some trying to hide their mirth, but all looking at me. They definitely heard me, loud and clear. This was embarrassing and I had nowhere to hide, except now Alex decided to stroke his own ego further and had my cheeks blushed its most crimson color. I didn’t have time to retort because Alex cupped my jaws in his big, strong hand, turned my head further to his side and crashed down hard on my lips. I was caught by surprise but quickly melted under his tender, soft lips, his tongue making masterful and vigorous work in my mouth very, very thoroughly. Yes, definitely very, very thoroughly for God knew how long because I whimpered a soft moan in the back of my throat. I could not believe myself. Alex had me played and I had allowed him to play me again, although this was all Alex and it was unbelievably nice.

Alex broke the kissed and grinned at me, shaking his head lightly, enjoying our not so private moment and the moan I just gave to him proving him right about everything he knew about me.

I went back to full pout and quickly readjusted myself between his legs to continue reading my book. The heat from his kiss lingered on my lips and in all the other right places. I tried to concentrate reading but couldn’t.

Alex stroked my arms softly, and spoke again, “You wanna go somewhere else?”

I bit my lips, hell yes, I did want to go somewhere else with Alex, wherever that somewhere might be. But stubbornly, I did not want to give him that so I shook my head and did not answer.

“Yeah, I’d thought so,” Alex replied, proving he got me, he really really got me, “I like that I’m sitting here on this bean bag, having a nice, quiet time with you, and you relaxing in my arms between my legs, taking in peace and giving it right back to me. But baby, you gotta know you make another sound like that I can’t promise you that I won’t you carry you to somewhere else right away, and at this hour the somewhere else I’d like you to be is with me on the boat, both our butts naked basking under the sun.”

I chewed my lips lightly, conjuring dirty images the words Alex threw me to contemplate and turned to look at him. Alex licked his lips, watching me with even darker intensity now that he saw what was behind my eyes. Then, he tempted me further by adding, “You don’t like your fair butt cheeks rosy except by means through my twitching palms when you are naughty, I’d do my best to cover them with mine while we are on the deck.”

Oh, I liked that very much. But we were surrounded by people so I bugged my eyes out at him and yelled, “Alex!”

I was fully aware of all the pairs of eyes returning back to me but couldn’t do anything about it. Alex just buried his face in my neck and chuckled, leaving me nowhere else to hide.

Pat decidedly to be nice for once, broke my bashfulness and said, “Wow, no wonder you are always too busy for our girlie nights and even when you are out with us, you barely can hold yourself together and be with us.” I threw her an annoying look although I know what she said was true. She continued, “You are always in your dirty little thoughts because you are always in your dirty little world, seeing that you’ve got yourself a man with no words other than dirty, dirty words for you.”

This was not true. But she was also not wrong. Alex liked to tease me with all the dirty words but she had no idea how much more those dirty, dirty words could be from Alex, especially and since they were from Alex.

Of course, Alex took no offense to her comment by giving me a little squeezed with his muscular thighs to let me know this. He lifted his head from my neck, and kissed me lightly on my hair. I sighed, resigned that this was how Alex always liked to tease me in front of people whenever life seemed to slow down and weaved around mindless routines that we so much desired when life always spun us in whirlpools and annihilate our peaceful lives.

I relaxed in his arms and whispered, “You are lucky that I love you, you know that?”

“Yeah,” Alex said to the top of my head and cradled me again, “You know I love you too.”

Amsterdam of pretty flowers and stinky cheese

To say this trip is wrong is wrong. But it is not right for it didn’t feel right. My crazy travel tale must come to a closure and I’m moving on.

I pressed the pretty flowers onto my memories and stuffed the stinky cheese in the Santa’s socks.

Hello world, let’s welcome the newly branded sophisticated darling traveller!

Until next time, she weaves herself her charming enamouring tales!